March 24, 2011

Great Britain is the agent for the pope

Guy Euden (through Carlita Montross via facebook on March 22, 2011):

"OK, this was found by one of the TPUC's hardest working researchers, 'HEV'. She spends her time delving into things that stagger the imagination. Good news, soon she will have an article out, so look out for it. An article Hev found recently is the one below, read it, you will be very interested, it's in three parts, really I recommend it."

To the people,

I found this paper while going through Stephen Ames' files. I'm hoping that you will put it out on your email and fax networks. This paper explains and documents very much. It is absolutely mind blowing!
If you place this paper on your email and fax networks I will be more than happy to respond to people's questions. I have all of the documents cited in this paper and they are available. This paper will shock even those who think that they know what has happened and what is now taking place.
The deception is incredible.
If the people do not respond to this information we can then truly say that it is over and that we will never be free. This paper is not opinion, but it is fact and is all documented. [...] What is happening in America is unbelievable. People are coming out of the delusions, they have figured and realized that the United States is a fiction and that it only exists in our minds. Tens of thousands of people now know that the "United States" does not exist and that it never has. There is no such thing as the National debt or a loan from the bank. Has any one ever seen "current credit money"? The entire governmental system only exists in your mind.

Subject: The Ultimate Delusion by Stephen K. Ames

Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security as follows.

"At the Court at Buckingham Palace on July 22, 1997, Statutory Instrument 1997 No. 1778 [...] Now, therefore Her Majesty an pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is please, by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows:
1. This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997."

Does this give a new meaning to Federal Judge William Wayne Justice stating in court that he takes his orders from England? This order goes on to redefine words in the Social Security Act and makes some changes in United States Law. Remember, King George was the "Arch-Treasurer and Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and of the United States of America." (See: Treaty of Peace 1738 and U.S. Statutes at Large)
Great Britain which is the agent for the pope, is in charge of the USA 'plantation.'
What people do not know is that the so called Founding Fathers and King George were working hand-in-hand to bring the people of America to their knees, to install a central government over them and to bind them to a debt that could not be paid. First off, you have to understand that the United States is a corporation and that it existed before the Revolutionary War. See Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, 28 U.S.C. 3002 (15).

Now, you also have to realize that King George was not just the King of England, he was also the King of France. (See: Treaty of Peace and U.S. Statutes at Large Vol. 8 Foreign Treaties)
On January 22, 1783, Congress ratified a contract for the repayment of 21 loans that the United States had already received dating from February 28, 1778, to July 5, 1782. Now the United States Inc. owes the King money which is due January 1, 1788, from King George via France. Is this not incredible: the King funded both sides of the War.
But there was more work that needed to be done.
Now the Articles of Confederation which was declared in force March 1, 1781, states in Article 12:

"All bills of credit emitted, monies borrowed, and debts contracted by or under the authority of Congress, before the assembling of the United States, in pursuance of the present confederation, shall be deemed and considered a charge against the United States, for payment and satisfaction whereof the said United States and the public faith are hereby solemnly pledged."

Now after losing the Revolutionary War, even though the war was nothing more than a move to turn the people into debtors for the king, they were not done yet.
Now the loans were coming due and so a meeting was convened in Annapolis, Maryland, to discuss the economic instability of the country under the Articles of Confederation. Only five states come to the meeting, but there is a call for another meeting to take place in Philadelphia the following year with the express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation. On February 21, 1787, Congress gave approval of the meeting to take place in Philadelphia on May 14, 1787. Something had to be done about the mounting debt. Little did the people know that the so-called Founding Fathers were acutely going to reorganize the United States because it was bankrupt.
On September 17, 1787, twelve state delegates approve the Constitution.
The states have now become Constitutors.
Constitutor: In the civil law, one who, by simple agreement, becomes responsible for the payment of another's debt. (Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Ed.)
The states were now liable for the debt owed to the king, but the people of America were not because they were not a party to the Constitution because it was never put to them for a vote.

On August 4th, 1790, an act was passed which was titled "An Act making provision for the payment of the Debt of the United States". This can be found at U.S. Statutes at Large, volume 1, pages 138-178. This Act for all intents and purposes abolished the States and created the Districts. If you don't believe it look it up. The Act set up Federal Districts, here in Pennsylvania we got two. In this act each district was assigned a portion of the debt.
The next step was for the states to reorganize their governments which most did in 1790.
This had to be done because the states needed to legally bind the people to the debt. The original state constitutions were never submitted to the people for a vote. So the governments wrote new constitutions and submitted them to people for a vote thereby binding the people to the debts owed to Great Britain.
The people became citizens of the state where they resided and ipso facto a citizen of the United States. A citizen is a member of a fictional entity and it is synonymous with subject.

What you think is a state is in reality a corporation, in other words, a person. "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is person." (9 F. Supp 272) The word "person" does not include state. (12 Op Atty Gen 176)
There are no states, just corporations. Every body politic on this planet is a corporation.
A corporation is an artificial entity, a fiction at law. They only exist in your mind.
They are images in your mind, that speak to you. We labor, pledge our property and give our children to a fiction.

Now before we go any further let us examine a few things in the constitution.
Article 6 section 1 keeps the loans from the king valid.
It states: "All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this constitution, as under the confederation."
Another interesting tidbit can be found at Article 1 section 8 clause 2 which states that Congress has the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States. This was needed so the United States (which went into bankruptcy on January 1, 1788) could borrow money and then because the states were a party to the Constitution they would also be liable for it.
The next underhanded move was the creation of The United States Bank in 1791.
This was a private bank of which there were 25,000 shares issued of which 18,000 were held by those in England. The bank loaned the United States money in exchange for securities of the United States.

Now the creditors of the United States which included the King wanted paid the interest on the loans that were given to the United States. So Alexander Hamilton came up with the great idea of taxing alcohol. The people resisted so George Washington sent out the militia to collect the tax which they did. This has become known as the Whiskey rebellion. It is the militia's duty to collect taxes. How did the United States collect taxes off of the people if the people are not a party to the Constitution? I'll tell you how.
The people are slaves! The United States belongs to the floundering fathers and their posterity and Great Britain.
America is nothing more than a plantation. It always has been. How many times have you seen someone in court attempt to use the Constitution and then the judge tells him he can't.
It is because you are not a party to it. We are slaves!
If you don't believe read Padelford, Fay & Co. vs Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah (14 Georgia 438, 520), which states:

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact but he is not a party to it."

Now back to the militia. Just read article 1 section 8 clause 15 which states that it is the militia's job to execute the laws of the union. Now read clause 16 which states that Congress has the power to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States ... The militia is not there to protect you and me, it is their to collect our substance.
As you can plainly see all the Constitution did is set up a military government to guard the king's commerce and make us slaves.
If one goes to U.S. Statutes at Large volume 8 pages 116-132 you will find "The Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation". This treaty was signed on November 19th, 1794 which was twelve years after the war.
Article 2 of the treaty states that the king's troops were still occupying the United States.
Being the nice king that he was, he decided that the troops would return to England by June 1st, 1796. The troops were still on American soil because, quite frankly the king wanted them here.

Here is the key to were this started.
Many people tend to blame the Jews for our problems. Jewish Law governs the entire world, as found in Jewish Law by Menachem Elon, Deputy President Supreme Court of Israel, to wit:

"Everything in the Babylonian Talmud is binding on all Israel. Every town and country must follow all customs, give effect to the decrees, and carry out the enactment's of the Talmudic sages, because the entire Jewish people accepted everything contained in Talmud. The sages who adopted the enactment's and decrees, instituted the practices, rendered the decisions, and derived the laws, constituted all or most of the Sages of Israel. It is they who received the tradition of the fundamentals of the entire Torah in unbroken succession going back to Moses, our teacher."

We are living under what the Bible calls mammon.
As written in the subject index, mammon is defined as "civil law and procedure".

Now turn to the "The Shetars Effect on English Law – A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land", found in "The Georgetown Law Journal", volume 71, pages 1179-1200. It is clearly stated in the Law Review that the Jews are the property of the Norman and Anglo-Saxon kings. It also explains that the Talmud is the law of the land. It explains how the Babylonian Talmud became the law of the land, which is now known as the Uniform Commercial Code. The written credit agreement – the Jewish shetar is a lien on all property (realty) and today it's called the mortgage! The treatise also explains that the Jews are owned by Great Britain and the Jews are in charge of the banking system.

We are living under the Babylonian Talmud, it is were all of our problems come from. It was brought into England in 1066 and has been enforced by the pope, kings and the Christian churches ever since.
It is total and relentless mind control, people are taught to believe in things that do not exist.
Now before you scream that the UCC is unconstitutional, I'm sorry people, you are not a party to any constitution. Read the case cite below.
"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."
Padelford, Fay & Co. vs Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah (14 Georgia 438, 520)

You have to understand that Great Britain (Article 6, Section 1), the United States, and the states are the parties to the Constitution not you. Let me try to explain. If I buy an automobile from a man and that automobile has a warranty and the engine blows up the first day I have it. Then I tell the man just forget about it. Then you come along and tell the man to pay me and he says no. So you take him to court for not holding up the contract. The court then says case dismissed. Why? Because you are not a party to the contract. You cannot sue a government official for not adhering to a contract (Constitution) that you are not a party too. You better accept the fact that you are a slave. When you try to use the Constitution you are committing a crime known as criminal trespass. Why? Because you are attempting to infringe on a private contract that you are not a party to. Then to make matters worse you are a debt slave who owns no property or has any rights.
You are a mere user of your masters property! Here are just a couple of examples:
"The primary control and custody of infant is with the government." Tillman vs Roberts (108 So. 62)
"Marriage is a civil contract to which there are three parties: the husband, the wife and the state."
Van Koten vs Van Koten (154 N.E. 146)
"The ultimate ownership of all property is in the state: individual so-called "ownership" is only by virtue of government, i.e. law amounting to mere user, and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the state." (Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st session)
You own no property because you are a slave. Really, you are worse off than a slave because you are also a debtor. "The right of traffic or the transmission of property, as an absolute inalienable right, is one which has never existed since governments were instituted, and never can exist under government."
Wynehamer vs The People (13 N.Y. Rep. 378, 481)

Great Britain to this day collects taxes from the American people.
The IRS is not an agency of the United States Government.

The Informer

A new war was declared when the Treaty was signed. The king wanted his land back and he knew he would be able to regain his property for his heirs with the help of his world financiers. Here is a quote from the king speaking to Parliament after the Revolutionary War had concluded. (Six weeks after) the capitulation of Yorktown, the king of Great Britain, in his speech to Parliament (Nov. 27, 1781), declared

"That he should not answer the trust committed to the sovereign of a free people, if he consented to sacrifice either to his own desire of peace or to their temporary ease and relief, those essential rights and permanent interests, upon the maintenance and preservation of which the future strength and security of the country must forever depend."

The determined language of this speech, pointing to the continuance of the American war, was echoed back by a majority of both Lords and Commons.
In a few days after (Dec. 12), it was moved in the House of Commons that a resolution should be adopted declaring it to be their opinion

"That all farther attempts to reduce the Americans to obedience by force would be ineffectual, and injurious to the true interests of Great Britain."

The rest of the debate can be found in (footnote 4).
What were the true interests of the king? The gold, silver and copper. The new war was to be fought without Americans being aware that a war was even being waged, it was to be fought by subterfuge and key personnel being placed in key positions. The first two parts of "A Country Defeated In Victory" go into detail about how this was done and exposes some of the main players.
Every time you pay a tax you are transferring your labor to the king, and his heirs and successors are still receiving interest from the original American Charters. The following is the definition of tribute (tax).

"A contribution which is raised by a prince or sovereign from his subjects to sustain the expenses of the state. A sum of money paid by an inferior sovereign or state to a superior potentate, to secure the friendship or protection of the latter." Black's Law Dictionary, forth ed. p. 1677

As further evidence, not that any is needed, a percentage of taxes that are paid are to enrich the king/queen of England. For those that study Title 26 you will recognize IMF, which means Individual Master File, all tax payers have one. To read one you have to be able to break their codes using file 6209, which is about 467 pages.
On your IMF you will find a blocking series, which tells you what type of tax you are paying. You will probably find a 300-399 blocking series, which 6209 says is reserved. You then look up the BMF 300-399, which is the Business Master File in 6209. You would have seen prior to 1991, this was U.S.-U.K. Tax Claims, non-refile DLN. Meaning everyone is considered a business and involved in commerce and you are being held liable for a tax via a treaty between the U.S. and the U.K., payable to the U.K. The form that is supposed to be used for this is form 8288, FIRPTA – Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Account. You won't find many people using this form, just the 1040 form. The 8288 form can be found in the Law Enforcement Manual of the IRS, chapter 3. If you will check the OMB's paper – Office of Management and Budget, in the Department of Treasury, List of Active Information Collections, Approved Under Paperwork Reduction Act, you will find this form under OMB number 1545-0902, which says U.S. withholding tax-return for dispositions by foreign persons of U.S. real property interests-statement of withholding on dispositions, by foreign persons, of U.S. Form #8288, #8288a.
These codes have since been changed to read as follows: IMF 300-309, Barred Assement, CP 55 generated valid for MFT-30, which is the code for 1040 form. IMF 310-399 reserved, the BMF 300-309 reads the same as IMF 300-309. BMF 390-399 reads U.S./U.K. Tax Treaty Claims.
The long and short of it is nothing changed, the government just made it plainer, the 1040 is the payment of a foreign tax to the king/queen of England. We have been in financial servitude since the Treaty of 1783.

Another Treaty between England and the United States was Jay's Treaty of 1794 (footnote 5). If you will remember from the Paris Treaty of 1783, John Jay, Esq. was one of the negotiators of the Treaty. In 1794 he negotiated another Treaty with Britain. There was great controversy among the American people about this Treaty.
In Article 2 you will see the king is still on land that was supposed to be ceded to the United States at the Paris Treaty. This is 13 years after America supposedly won the Revolutionary War. I guess someone forgot to tell the king of England. In Article 6, the king is still dictating terms to the United States concerning the collection of debt and damages, the British government and World Bankers claimed we owe. In Article 12 we find the king dictating terms again, this time concerning where and with who the United States could trade.
In Article 18 the United States agrees to a wide variety of material that would be subject to confiscation if Britain found said material going to its enemies ports. Who won the Revolutionary War?
That's right, we were conned by some of our early fore fathers into believing that we are free and sovereign people, when in fact we had the same status as before the Revolutionary War.
I say had, because our status is far worse now than then.
I'll explain.

Early on in our history the king was satisfied with the interest made by the Bank of the United States. But when the Bank Charter was canceled in 1811 it was time to gain control of the government, in order to shape government policy and public policy. Have you never asked yourself why the British, after burning the White House and all our early records during the War of 1812, left and did not take over the government.
The reason they did, was to remove the greatest barrier to their plans for this country. That barrier was the newly adopted 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The purpose for this Amendment was to stop anyone from serving in the government who was receiving a title of nobility or honor. It was and is obvious that these government employees would be loyal to the granter of the title of nobility or honor.
The War of 1812 served several purposes. It delayed the passage of the 13th Amendment by Virginia, allowed the British to destroy the evidence of the first 12 states ratification of this Amendment, and it increased the national debt, which would coerce the Congress to reestablish the Bank Charter in 1816 after the Treaty of Ghent was ratified by the Senate in 1815.

Back to Stephen Ames

Isn't it incredible that a 1040 form is a payment of a tax to the U.K.?!
Everybody is always looking to 26 U.S.C. for the law that makes one liable for the so-called Income Tax, but it is not in there. Because it is not a tax, it is debt collection through a private contract called the Constitution of the United States, Article 6, Section 1, and various agreements.
Is a cow paying an income tax when the machine gets connected to it's udders? The answer is no. I have never known a cow that owns property or has been compensated for its labor. You own nothing that your labor has ever produced. You don't even own your labor or yourself. Your labor is measured in current credit money. You are allowed to retain a small portion of your labor so that you can have food, clothing shelter and most of all breed more slaves. Did you ever notice how many of the other slaves get upset if you try to retain your labor. You are called an extremist, terrorist and sometimes even a freeman. They say that you are anti-government. When the truth of the matter is you just don't want to be a slave.
But, you do not have the right to force others to be free if they want to be a slave. That is entirely up to them.
If they want bow down and worship corporations, let them.
The United States, Great Britain and the pope are not the problem, it is the other slaves.
We would be free if the want-to-be-slaves were gone. The United States, Great Britain and the pope would not even exist, because no one would acknowledge them. I, for a matter of fact, think that those who are in power are also tired of the slaves. All the slaves do is stand around and moo! For free healthcare, free education, free housing and they beg those who are in power to disarm them. I do agree that a slave should not have access to a firearm. How can you disagree with the government passing out birth control? I hope the breeding of slaves stops or at the very least slows down. You see, we are cows. The IRS is the company who milks the cows and the United States Inc. is the veterinarian who takes care of the herd. Great Britain is the owner of the farm in fee simple and the farm is held in allodium by the pope.

Now to Rome.

"Convinced that the principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their princes, the high contracting parties declare it to be their intention to sustain in their respective states, those measures which the clergy may adopt with the aim of ameliorating their interests, so intimately connected with the preservation of the authority of the princes. And the contracting powers join in offering their thanks to the pope for what he has already done for them, and solicit his constant cooperation in their views of submitting the nations."
(1822, Treaty of Varona, Article 3)

"If the Sovereign Pontiff should nevertheless, insist on his law being observed he must be obeyed."
(Benedict XIV, De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844)
"Pontifical laws moreover become obligatory without being accepted or confirmed by secular rulers."
(Syllabus, prop. 28, 29, 44)
"Hence the jus nationale (Federal Law) or the exceptional ecclesiastical laws prevalent in the United States may be abolished at any time by the Sovereign Pontiff." (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law, Vol. I 53-54)
So could this be shown that the pope rules the world?
The Pope is the ultimate owner of everything in the world.
See: Treaty of 1213, Papal Bull of 1455 and 1493.

I could go on and on, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Don't let this information scare you because without it you cannot be free. You have to understand that all slavery and freedom originates in the mind. When your mind allows you to accept and understand that the United States, Great Britain and the Vatican are corporations, which are nothing but fictional entities, which have been placed into your mind, you will understand that your slavery was because you believed a lie.